Think savory jerky meets a soft fruit leather. Omnibar is one-third grass fed beef, and two-thirds (sweet potatoes, organic oats, flax seed, almond butter, and plums.) Real food and science-driven performance in one covenient package.

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April 16, 2015

Hello fellow Omnivores. I’m sitting here at the steezin’ Blackcoffee Roasting Company in our home town of Missoula, MT. Brainstorming the direction of our first blog post, I’ve always found enjoyment in putting my thoughts to paper and hope this forum serves as an extension of that gusto. The goal? Provide a transparent perspective into the Omnibar life. With contributions from others we consider family, I encourage you to share, build, challenge, and grow with us. Onward. We introduced Omnibar a year and a half ago and our first order came from the respected voice in W. Montana running – The Runners Edge. This team breathes a culture and community outreach that all specialty retail aspires to emulate. Some of my favorite memories with Omnibar have been along side this crew. Whether it’s group dinners saturated with gut wrenching...

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