Think savory jerky meets a soft fruit leather. Omnibar is one-third grass fed beef, and two-thirds (sweet potatoes, organic oats, flax seed, almond butter, and plums.) Real food and science-driven performance in one covenient package.

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Vineman Triathlon - Andy Drobeck Q&A

July 29, 2015

After joining the Omnibar team in April of this year, Andy Drobeck has been gaining momentum in his second year as a professional triathlete. After winning the Vineman Full Triathlon in Santa Rosa, CA this past weekend, we caught up with Andy to take a deeper look at this seemingly fast track to success. Hint: It's rooted in passion, family support, and life balance.  -- How do you balance your professional career as a triathlete and full time firefighter?  It can be a hard balance at times.  Having a full time career as a firefighter is what has actually allowed me to pursue an elite level in triathlon.   Its a schedule that allows for 30 hour weeks of triathlon training.  For...

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Endurance Driven Ingredients

July 17, 2015

Endurance driven athletes are fueled by motivation, persistence and of course: food. Through Netflix documentaries, fast food nations and super-size-me stunts, the shadows of the food industry are quickly being lit by the hot light of Hollywood. This is good news for those of us in the world of clean eating. People are voting with their wallets and it’s showing up in grocery stores across the country. More selection, better taste and amazing results make the clean eating wave. Individuals practicing clean eating report an increase in happiness, energy and endurance. The chart below comes from the Office for National Statistics. Compiled responses from people reporting on their own wellbeing show health as the overwhelming leader in what drives personal...

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