Eat it All


Roasted Peanut

Roasted Peanut brings you the taste of an adventure waiting to happen. Kids love the PB&J feel of the bar and grownups love the kick of ginger. Either way, everybody gets enough energy to go forth and conquer.

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Mango Curry

"The Original" Omnibar. Montana grass fed, grass finished beef meets Asian cuisine in our Mango Curry bar. Savory and sweet, hearty and spicy, Eastern and Western—these flavors are unexpectedly harmonious. Whether climbing mountains or strolling to the bus stop, feel like you’re...

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Chipotle Barbecue

Beef and barbecue have a primal connection reverently honored here. You’ll get the deep, rich, smoky flavor of tomatoes and chipotle combined with the hearty goodness of grass fed beef. Want to feel like you just rode the range? Grab a barbecue-flavored Omnibar and the ranch will come to...

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Cranberry Rosemary

When fall comes to the ranch, we crave the tangy sweetness of Cranberry Rosemary. Think Thanksgiving, turning leaves, and a crisp breeze. It’s all here in our savory Cranberry Rosemary Omnibar. Throw one in your pack and get going. Awesome.

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Sample Pack

But which one should I choose?! If your taste buds seek a variety of savory alternatives, try them all. The sample pack consists of all four flavors.

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What you Need, When you Need it.

Omnibar is PURE FUEL. What you need, when you need it. Think savory jerky meets a soft fruit leather. Omnibar is one-third grass fed beef, and two-thirds (sweet potatoes, organic oats, flax seed, almond butter, and plums.) Real food and science-driven performance in one covenient package. 

Complete & Balanced Nutrition

In Montana, we need sustained energy for long workdays and outdoor adventures. By combining our 100% Grass Fed beef with slow burning sweet potatoes, organic oats, and flax seed, we created the Omnibar—a whole foods shot of dynamic muscle fuel to help you get the job done.

100% Grass Fed Montana Beef

Naturally high in Omega-3, essential fatty acids and with less saturated fat than beef from most grain-fed cattle, our beef comes from 100% grass fed, grass finished cattle on our own ranch in Ovando, Montana. Omnibar puts the best of healthy ranch living in every tasty bar.

Jerky With A Purpose

Protein maintains muscle health, but doesn't fuel the active body. Carbohydrates provide sustained and continuous energy levels. It's jerky PLUS the essential ratio of ingredients the mind and body require for complete satisfaction. Every bite gives you a flavor-packed wallop of nutrition, tailor-made for hard work and play.