Brent C. Ruby

Partner / Researcher / Endurance Nutrition Specialist

Brent Ruby received his PhD in exercise science from the University of New Mexico in 1994. Dr. Ruby served as the Director of the Human Performance Laboratory at the University of Montana from 1994–2007. He is now the Director of the Montana Center for Work Physiology and Exercise Metabolism (Montana WPEM), a designated research center on the UM campus and a fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM). Dr. Ruby’s research interests include nutritional strategies during ultra-endurance work/competition, muscle metabolism during and after exercise, the use of stable isotope tracers for the measure of water turnover and energy expenditure, and issues surrounding heat stress during arduous work.

Dr. Ruby and the Montana WPEM research staff work to facilitate a better understanding of applied human physiology using laboratory and field study designs. The new research facility is well equipped and dedicated to the unique study of arduous work physiology and the metabolic demands placed on the skeletal muscle as it interacts with changing environments. From a local perspective, the center is world renowned for their work with wildland firefighters, having completed more published work in this area than any other laboratory group ( on topics such as feeding the aggressive energy demands, hydration, and heat stress).

His recreational pursuits have included cycling, Ironman triathlons, hunting and fishing, stand up paddle boarding, and surfing. He has competed in six Ironman events, including two Kona world championships. He is an accomplished age group runner and races both road and track events. Off the track, he is an ardent runner with his border collie (Wrango) and a moderately accomplished builder of hollow body wooden stand up paddle boards.

Dr. Ruby’s extensive knowledge of nutrition and exercise continues to inform the development of Omnibar as the premier food bar for long-term endurance and complete nutritional value.

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