September 23, 2015


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What is Jerky Plus?

Jerky Plus:

Difference Between Jerky Plus and Energy Bars:

Energy bars come in all shapes and sizes. Most people have seen and tried the classics: fruits and nuts, oats and honey and some variation of rice-crisps and sugar. Jerky Plus is one-third grass-fed beef and two-thirds natural ingredients. With grass-fed beef as the source of protein, jerky plus includes ingredients like almond butter, mango and cranberry to deliver pure fuel. Jerky plus is designed for the adventure seeker. It’s for the weekend warrior grown tired of biting into rice-crisps and sugar-filled snacks.

Jerky Plus

Jerky Plus.

History of Jerky Plus:

Picture yourself on an expedition before the days of energy gum, Redbull and Mountain Meals. What were explorers eating? What were they carrying in their adventure packs? According to PBC History, since refrigeration was out of the question, your grandfather’s adventure seekers ate dehydrated meats and fruits for sustained energy to power their excursions.

These guys knew how to explore! Source:

Jerky plus brings modern day explorers and adventure seekers closer to nature and clean eating. At Omnibar, we like to describe the consistency of jerky plus as a mix between a fruit leather and beef jerky.

Biting into a real-food bar for the first time, most people experience a sense of surprise. It certainly doesn’t have the salty kick of beef jerky. The act of taking a bite doesn’t require carnivorous biting and ripping like that of beef jerky.

Beef Jerky
This is not the experience of eating jerky plus. Source:

With two-thirds ingredients including an A-list of pure-fuel providers like almonds, flax seed, sweet potatoes and cranberries, jerky plus bites like a fruit leather. According to Cody Bartz on, “The bars are soft and easy to chew. Like other jerky products, they hold up well to being thrown in your pack and carried around”.

Why do we explore?

We explore to discover. Discover new spaces, discover different ways of life and discover self. Exploring jolts the status quo and disrupts routine. We believe jerky plus jolts the status quo and disrupts routine. If you’re looking for a different type of clean eating food bar, give jerky plus a try.  
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