What is it?

Omnibar is a whole foods, savory alternative to traditional sweet food bars. Omnibar uses the power of healthy pasture-raised beef and simple, real food ingredients to sustain the energy requirements of hardworking people everywhere. We are uncompromising in our mission to maintain a strong commitment to the family ranch, whole foods, and an easy-to-read list of healthy ingredients grown in farmers’ fields rather than engineered in a laboratory. Omnibar is made to help a hiker get over the ridge, a skier to make another run, a kid to make it to lunchtime. It’s made for people like us—working hard, playing hard, and then doing it all again.

What are people saying about it?

We built this product to leverage the healthy ingredients offered by foods of the land—and it shows. Fans love our holistic approach to meeting your muscle fuel needs during arduous days doing what humans are stitched together to do—play big. We don't do processed, here at Omnibar we are the ranchers. The right whole foods are already naturally rich in everything you need.

Why is it special?

Since humans began their bipedal quest to migrate and scavenge to ensure survival of the species, meat has been a staple in our diets. Interestingly, whole foods from the earth were also a large part of this early diet. These whole foods, naturally rich in key nutrients which other manufacturers supplement their bars with, are combined to enrich the complex flavors only Omnibar can provide. Omnibar is special because humans are special. We have been omnivores for millions of years—and will be for a million more. Rarrr!