Inge Perkins

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Instagram: @ingeluf

Age: 20
Hometown: Bozeman, MT
Sport/Passion: Sport climbing, backcountry skiing, ski mountaineering, trail running, camping, mathematics, knitting, eating, and many other items. 
One thing people don’t know about me: Often when I am running on my own, I have to stop and dance to the music I am listening to. I can’t help it, I love to dance!
Favorite Book: Smilla’s Sense of Snow, by Peter Hoeg
Words to live by: The boundary between progress/success and injury/harm is very muddled, constantly pause to look and listen. 
2-3 major accomplishments in my sport or life:
Began traveling on my own to climb around the U.S. and Europe when I was  15, funded by dishwashing.
Second ascent and first female ascent of Vesper (5.14a) in the Fins, Idaho. 
Won the Montana Bouldering Championship and unofficial Montana Ski Mountaineering Championship in the same month.
Why did you choose Omnibar:
Whether it be in the middle of a long ski tour, after lowering off my sport climbing project, or before a hard workout during a busy day of school, I discovered Omnibar provides me the perfect combination of savory protein, salt, and sugar to help me fuel or recover. Plus they are delicious source of Montana beef I can add to eggs, salad, and other dishes that I don’t have to worry about going bad while living on the road.