Our Ranch

Two Creek:

Two Creek Monture Ranch has been in the family for 42 years. Over this time we have carefully tended our land and cattle, mindful of caring for both the herd and the tremendous landscape that sustains them. Two Creek has a great reputation for its cattle, yearly producing both championship show steers and a fine calf crop. Through the depths of winter, the endless nights of spring calving, looking in on the cattle across summer landscapes and into the snows of fall, Two Creek's herd is managed with the greatest care and integrity. Hormone free, and never grain fed, our cattle are 100% pasture raised.


Our Stewardship

Two Creek is also home to what makes Montana wild. Grizzly bears, mountain lions, and elk roam freely across its land, as much a part of the landscape as the cattle they share it with. The ranch runs up against the eastern edge of the Crown of the Continent, a vast 13-million-acre ecosystem surrounding the Rocky Mountains that is framed by the Great Plains to the east and Canada to the north. This region is still home to the same wildlife that Lewis and Clark experienced over 200 years ago. While sometimes all this wildlife can present challenges, the ranch is proud of the balance it strikes, breeding fine cattle while helping with restoration projects and taking responsibility for the natural world.