Justin Angle

Omnibar: The Simple Solution from Omnibar on Vimeo.

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Twitter: @padre_angle
Instagram: @angleman
Website: www.angleman.net


Age: 40

Hometown: Missoula, MT
Sport/Passion: Human-powered motion
Favorite Book: The River Why, by David James Duncan
Words to live by: “because I was inverted"
2-3 major accomplishments in your sport or life:
Course record holder (2010) at the Plain 100
2007 USATF 50-mile trail age-group National Champion
Winner of the 1986 Gilford Middle High School Science Fair
Why did you choose Omnibar: It’s local, it’s real, and it’s science-driven. #PureFuel   
Anything else you'd like to share with the world: Give a shit because most people don’t. 90% of life is showing up.