Anne Fogel Burchenal

Partner / Development

Anne is the partner of Cooper Burchenal and joined the team with Brent and Cooper on their second meeting. Charged with the task of creating a beef-based whole foods bar with the explicit directive of using sweet potatoes, Anne channeled her Italian grandmother and went to work.

From her years on the ranch, Anne is also committed to the Montana way of life. She quickly saw the potential of taking the family ranch out of the conventional beef industry and keeping the cattle on the ranch—roaming large expanses, eating grass, and being cows. Anne also saw the benefits of putting meat in a snack form that her kids desired in combination with other wholesome foods that they could take with them on the go. Omnibar is a win-win for Anne all the way around.

Anne is also involved with several environmental groups, including Working Dogs for Conservation and the Five Valleys Land Trust. She has degrees in writing, literature, and education. She is the company’s big-picture thinker, resident mom, animal-lover, and ultimate product taster.

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