Roasted Peanut

Roasted Peanut brings you the taste of an adventure waiting to happen. Kids love the PB&J feel of the bar and grownups love the kick of ginger. Either way, everybody gets enough energy to go forth and conquer.

Nutrition Facts


100% grass fed beef, peanuts, dried prunes, dried sweet potatoes, organic oats, brown flax seed, spices, sugar, salt, brown sugar, red curry powder (spices [contains mustard], turmeric, salt). Contains: peanuts.

How do we compare

Omnibar is a wholesome combination of protein and complex carbohydrates for sustained energy. It's the savory, nutritious alternative to sweet, candy-like energy bars.

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"Omnibar is the complete package.  It's REAL FOOD - 6 ingredients, all of which you can pronounce.  I use it regularly in training and racing because it gives me exactly what I need to fuel my body and it offers an excellent cure for "sweet fatigue," that feeling that you just can't handle another gel or sports drink.  Omnibar is also a fantastic post-training recovery food, with the right balance of nutrients in an easily absorbable formula.  On top of all this, it tastes great and is a fantastic snack anytime." – Justin Angle, Ultra Runner

"Today, I cut an Omnibar into pieces and put it over a salad of mixed greens. Yesterday, it served as a quick snack between meetings at work. Last weekend I ate a Mango Curry as I power hiked up Mount Jackson, one of the tallest peaks in Glacier National Park. Omnibar has fit well into my active lifestyle as not just a bar to eat while out recreating, but as a balanced everyday snack for my life on the go." – Mike Foote, Ultra Runner

"Omnibar satisfyingly fill a niche in backcountry races and adventure foods.  Sugary drinks and foods get old on long days running, skiing, hiking, and cycling.  Omnibar provides a conveniently packaged, appetizing way to enjoy protein, fat, and energy with light savory flavors.  A great convenient addition to backcountry nutrition." – T. Bass, Outdoor Enthusiast, Bozeman, MT

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