Product FAQs

Why Beef?

In Montana, beef is in our heritage. We developed Omnibar to bring the ideal foundation of beef to a bar that provides both satisfaction and a new, diverse series of savory, meal-like flavors. We know that beef provides a level of satiety that is virtually unmatched from other food sources, while providing a complete source of protein (containing all the essential amino acids) for muscle repair and health. From the structure of our teeth to the way muscle responds to optimal sources of protein, we know that humans are made to be omnivores. Omnibar is a delicious, easy-to-eat solution to on-the-go hunger.

+ How is this different from other energy/food bars?

Unlike other processed and sugar-filled “food bars,” Omnibar is made from real, whole foods and can be categorized best as a “meal bar.” With complex, dynamic flavors that change as you chew, it acts and tastes like a real meal. Omnibar also provides an untainted source of protein that has been engineered in the pastures of Montana, along with carbohydrate sources straight from farmland fields. The result is a whole foods bar that provides a lower glycemic source of dynamic muscle fuel.

+ How did you choose your carbohydrate sources?

When choosing our carbohydrates, we had two criteria:

  1. We were committed to finding sources that grow in fields of the American farmer. All of our ingredients are sourced from U.S. farmers.
  2. We wanted complex carbohydrates that offer lower glycemic glucose delivery to the muscle. Although the muscle enjoys any source of glucose, how that glucose is ingested (as a simple monosaccharide or as a complex source of starch) alters access and sustainability of this precious source of fuel. While simple sugars are absorbed rapidly, complex sources are slower to act, which enable a gradual delivery of fuel. Omnibar is about keeping you in it for the long haul.

+ Is Omnibar designed to help me run a better marathon?

Omnibar is not designed for rapid digestion and sugar delivery like gels or commonplace sport drinks. Instead, it has been built for the long haul and is more suited to consume during longer events that linger between 4 to 24 hours and longer. Successful preparation for your fastest marathon requires a delicate balance of strategic training episodes coupled with ingenious, well-planned recovery over the next 20 to 23 hours of that day’s training. This is where Omnibar fits into making you a better marathon runner. Omnibar assists your muscles during the recovery periods after some of your longer trail run adventures as you prepare for your next race. Repair, recovery, and restoration for the next training session ensure optimal training progression. Omnibar can kick-start your recovery with a high-quality whole foods source before you can enjoy your next meal.

+ Do Omnibars need to be refrigerated?

No way! Omnibars are as tough as you are. They have been designed to withstand wild swings in temperature. Omnibar is adventure food and can be thrown in a backpack and carried anywhere in any weather. From hot summer bike trails to soaking wet days on the river to the coldest of ski hills, it will remain safe, soft, and easy to chew.

+ Do food bars have to be so sweet?

Not at all. Sweet flavors have long been the standard in the energy/food bar marketplace. Many list refined sugars such as sucrose, corn syrup, and high-fructose corn syrup as the first or second ingredient. In fact, some bars provide almost a day's worth of recommended sugar-intake—making them sweeter than some candy bars. But just because everybody else is doing it, doesn’t mean it’s right.

Omnibar wants to run your adventurous muscle in another direction with our savory, real food flavors. We use the power of real whole foods to keep you going over the long-term instead of the quick fix and guaranteed fade that you get from sugary bars. Our unique mixture of protein from beef and complex carbohydrates from real fruits and vegetables lets you kick the sugar habit and move on to all-day adventure.

+ Is Omnibar a new kind of jerky?

Omnibar is not jerky. Jerky is a meat snack that provides little to no fuel for the working muscle. While Omnibar offers some of the flavors that jerky offers, the inclusion of sweet potatoes and other complex carbohydrates ensures that Omnibar can maintain the needs of the hardworking muscle.

+ How do you stack up to other bars on the market?

You won't find anything like us in the marketplace today. From a nutritional standpoint, we offer an excellent combination of carbohydrates, protein, and fats that ensure satiety and fuel delivery for adventure, work, and play. We are not full of sugar like other food bars. Instead, we use the power of beef, vegetables, nuts, and fruits—real food for real people—to create easy-to-carry, durable “mini meals” that really satisfy.