November 15, 2015


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Thank You Fans

We wanted to take a quick minute and acknowledge the fans of Omnibar. Our goal is not only to create a healthy alternative to sugary energy bars, our goal is to help our users maximize time spent in the outdoors. We recognize that not all companies send a hand-written thank-you-note with online orders. We recognize that some energy bars print words like "healthy" and "nutritious" on the packaging that includes ingredients that look like they came from Mars. And we recognize not all companies have fans that define the words endurance-driven. We want to say thank you for being awesome.  

Omnibar on Instagram:

We think this image captures the spirit of Omnibar. It comes to us from Instagram and shows a nice campfire happening under some soon-to-be dried out socks. That's what the grill is for, right?

Omnibar Campfire

Product Testers:

We put our product in the hands of true wilderness and endurance experts outside of our team to get some on-the-trail and off-the-cuff feedback. Here's what we found.

Here's to you Omnibar product tester David Chenault. One of the great wilderness travelers in Montana and staff contributor for We sent David a box to test on his adventures in the Montana wilderness. "Omnibars are pretty darn tasty, very easy to eat, and make me feel stronger and better longer than candy." We agree.

Bedrock and Paradox


Gear Junkie:

Gear Junkie wrote up a review on Omnibar, here's a quick quote from their feature:

"As an alternative to sweet energy bars -- or, even better, as a stand in for beef jerky -- the Omnibars are a filling option that will not disappoint. The salty, savory taste is unique and the grass-fed beef is sure to satiate carnivorous cravings."

Here's to you, Gear Junkie, for saying these three words: satiate carnivorous cravings. 

Fan Reviews:

We love when our fans give us feedback. Here's to you Elizabeth Barry from our Amazon page. We're sorry the bars never showed up for the Equador trip! We'll reach back out to see if you're still interested.

Amazon Reviews:

endurance bars

Or, if you're reading this, send us a line. A great combination of savory protein and carbs screams endurance doesn't it? Although we built the bar for the active lifestyle as this reviewer mentioned "for skiers, hikers, bikers and climbers" we recognize it can a be an assistant to clean eaters everywhere. 

Past. Present. Future Fans: Chairlift Talk

We're looking to roll out new ways to excite the sock-grilling-veterans, the blister-busting-trekkers, the skin-it-to-win-it alpine touring machines and the no-more-sugary-energy-bar revolutionaries. Connect with us on ... well ... whatever it is you like to connect to cool companies like us. We're excited about what the next few months have to bring. 

See you on the trail ... or off the trail. 


Brian Moses
Brian Moses


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