October 12, 2015


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Cold Weather Running: Five Videos to Get You Up and Out!

The definition of cold varies depending on geographic location and teeth chattering tolerance. One truth remains constant: getting out of bed in the morning when it's cold outside is no easy feat. At Omnibar, we know energy can be low in the morning, particularly when the wind rattles the windows and the sun isn't anywhere close to rising.

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We also know that while a savory protein bar can help provide a great source of nutritional energy, there is a perfect time and a perfect place for the right motivational video. Here now are some of our favorites to defeat the ever-so-tempting snooze-button.

Rudy Tryout Scene:

Why It Works: This has to be one of the greatest soundtracks of all time. The scene starts with the cold morning air being interrupted by the Notre Dame football practice. Who doesn't get goosebumps thinking about Rudy being carried off the field. This video is a friendly reminder that before being carried off the field, Rudy put in the work when nobody was watching ... he knew he had to make the team or else nobody would ever make a movie about him!

Remember The Titans:

Why This Works: "Ya'll want a victory?!" We dare you to play this video and not get psyched up about life, liberty and the pursuit of whatever it is you're pursuing.  This video is a great reminder of the power a team can have. If you're running, it's the encouragement of friends, family and fans. Wake up, put your running shoes on, and get closer to victory!

Rocky Training Scene:


Why This Works: This is why they're called the Rocky Mountains. Maybe that's not true. What is true: this video is awesome. In the training montage of the century, Rocky is training in Russia for his fight against Ivan Drago. This video is one of our favorites for a couple reasons. 1. Rocky's training is clean and pure. Working with not much else other than what nature provides. Running through snow, chopping wood, climbing mountains. These things are accessible to all of. Drago, on the other hand, is taking a much more science based approach. Think of it like Rocky is training using methods we can all pronounce (kind of like Omnibar's endurance ingredients). 2. Since we're based in Montana, we can pretend that we too train like Rocky during our five month winters. 

Omnibar: The Simple Solution:

Why This Works: "Running is inherently a simple pursuit that requires balancing pretty complicated life." For the less cliche out there, this is a real glimpse into Omnibar team-member Justin Angle. With scenes of running in the Rocky Mountains outside of Two Creek Ranch, Justin talks about endurance, nutrition and balancing life with ultrarunning. Oh, and the HD shots of Omnibar get us pretty jazzed up too. 

Rise and Shine:

"What is each day between a series of conflicts between the right way, and the easy way."

 Why It Works: As the video says, "the easy way out will always be there." If you have a boring alarm on  your phone, you may want to change it to the audio in this video. Tie your running shoes as you listen to this video. 

Winter Running Food: 

As we head into the colder months, activities like alpine touring and cross country skiing become more and more popular. If you're looking for something other than sugary energy bars, pick up a box of Omnibars. If you'd like to be featured in our brand new Chairlift Talk feature, simply fill out our interview questions and we'll see you on our website!

Brian Moses
Brian Moses


I work hard during the week and play hard on the weekends. Get outside. Get after it.

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