September 29, 2015


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Savory Protein Bars


What is a savory protein bar?

What is a savory protein bar? At Omnibar, we’ve done our darndest to answer this question by producing a product with one-third grass-fed-beef and two thirds clean ingredients. The degree in which people prefer savoriness in their food varies, but while beef protein attracts the savory-minded crowd, those interested in sweet won’t be disappointed. Packed with ingredients you can pronounce, cranberries and other wild-berries provide just the right amount of sugar. With a growing demand for natural fuel in the backcountry, front country and everywhere in-between, beef-protein and savory protein bars deliver the slow-burning meat protein needed for endurance driven events.

Disadvantages of sugary energy bars:

True, sugar has advantages to a high endurance event providing quick energy. But for many, the taste, consistency and performance of traditional energy bars disappoint. If you’re outdoor closet is filled with expired energy bars, it might be time to try something new.

Although the terms healthy, natural and energy get thrown around on packaging, many are made with cheap, low-quality ingredients while hiding tons of sugar and additives that can cause digestive chaos. These bars don’t cost much at the register, but ultimately the ingredients prevent absorption of important nutrients.

Take the PowerBar protein plus as an example. With 27g of sugar and plenty of processed ingredients, if it’s clean endurance driven fuel you’re after, you may want to pass on the PowerBar Protein Plus.

Advantages of beef-protein:


Rick Hall, a dietitian and lecturer at Arizona State University says of beef protein in an interview with muscle and fitness:

“Beef doesn't contain just any run-of-the-mill protein. It boasts an impressive collection of the nine essential amino acids and has a high biological value, which means it's very digestible and usable by the body, Hall explains. In fact, studies show that foods with a high biological value are what you should hunt for.” Hall goes on to say "Several of these micronutrients are involved in energy metabolism and help the body utilize sources of fuel such as carbohydrates and fat.”

When your body is in over-drive, a savory taste combined with clean ingredients equals a lighter job for the digestive system. Our bodies understand how to process meat, potatoes and almonds. After all, our ancestors didn’t find energy to kill sabertooth tigers at drive-through-windows or processed energy bars. They found it from meat. Get in the practice of fueling the body with ingredients closest to clean eating (foods in their natural state). Eating ingredients near their original state help digestion and ultimately the core of your health before, during and after physical activity.

Here’s what some folks are saying about protein versus other energy bars:

“Read the ingredients. these are excellent.” - Amazon Reviews

"Light weight and just the right amount of sweet and savory." - Amazon Reviews

"Would recommend to anyone involved in outdoor activity or an endurance sport." -Google Review

“I choose Omnibar for every adventure because I know the importance of having wholesome fuels that will keep me moving and motivated throughout the day.  It's a bar I can trust to keep me going when I'm 16 hours and 20+ miles into a ski traverse and my legs are digging deep to make it over that last crest; yet still find satisfying while snacking on one at home.” - Omnibar team-member Blake Votallia.

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Brian Moses


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